Ace Homecare, Care4All and NAViGO Extra have united to form a new registered charity called Nurtrio.

Nurtrio provide a range of social care services within the local community and are a subsidiary of mental health services provider NAViGO.


Nurtrio? Eh?

Quite an unusual name isn’t it. How on earth did we come up with that!

Well, working alongside staff we discussed all of the things that they thought were an important part of their job and what they loved about working for, what is now Nurtrio. And a central theme was ‘nurture’ – encompassing compassion, care and community.

The coming together of the three organisations is symbolised by ‘trio’ but it also signifies the wider service offer we now provide to individuals with mental health conditions, older people and those with learning disabilities and complex needs.

That may explain the name, but how do you say it? Well it’s ‘Nur’ and ‘trio’.


Why was a merger between Ace Homecare, Care4All and NAViGO Extra considered?

The last couple of years have created some challenging times for both local people and care providers and there is a need to work more efficiently to ensure we are better placed and more resilient to deal with any future challenges than we would be alone.


What are the benefits?

We carefully considered the potential immediate and longer-term advantages as well as the disadvantages of merging.

In a difficult climate for health and social care providers, we will be able to support more local people, make efficiency savings and provide more assistance for people to find work and training opportunities. As well as retain and enhance existing services.


What type of company is Nurtrio?

Nurtrio is a registered charity. This means we have been established for charitable purposes and that we must follow charity law rules and regulations.


Nurtrio will be a subsidiary of Navigo – who are Navigo?

Navigo is an award-winning social enterprise providing mental health services to the NHS and beyond.

Offering a range of mental health services including acute patient and community facilities, Navigo also provide specialist support such as older persons’ in-patient services, rehabilitation and an outstanding specialist eating disorder facility.

Named one of the top 100 not-for-profit organisations to work for by The Sunday Times, Navigo have also developed income-generating businesses that provide training, education and employment opportunities including Grimsby Garden Centre and two cafes.


What will happen to the service I receive?

As an existing service user, you will continue to receive the same service from the same team of support staff.

Projects and services that any of the organisations provide or are committed to will still take place and continue to operate including Meals on Wheels.


There’s a new name, will there be a new brand?

Yes – we have a lovely new logo which you’ll start to see pop up on things from leaflets to our vans replacing the old Ace Homecare, Care4All and NAViGO Extra logos.

It may take some time for us to adapt everything from using three logos to our new one so please bear with us.


Uniforms and ID badges

All Nurtrio staff members will wear an ID card with their name, photo and Nurtrio branding on.

Your support worker may also be wearing a uniform with the Nurtrio logo on it.

Please remember, if you’re unsure about whether the person you’re dealing with is a genuine Nurtrio employee, do not let them into your home and call us on (01472) 472105 to check their identity. Any genuine Nurtrio employee will not mind you doing this.


What if I have questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.