Helping you to feel safe at home is important to us which is why we offer a key safe installation service.

Key safes are useful for people who might forget or lose their keys and for anyone who has regular authorised visitors who might need to gain access to the property such as carers, Meals on Wheels staff, family members, friends or neighbours.

Nurtrio supply and fit key safes to anyone across North East Lincolnshire.

A key safe is a small, strong metal box which is fitted to the outside of your home and is used to store a spare door key. The key can only be accessed by using a personal code number.

It enables any visitors you authorise, such as carers, nurses and Meals on Wheels staff , to gain access to your home with a secure code.

Supply and installation of the key safe is £65.

Please complete this online form or telephone us on 01472 322915.