Personal Assistant Support Solutions (or PASS for short) is a personalised and flexible alternative to traditional support. It allows you to choose, employ and pay the staff who work and provide care and support to you. These staff are known as personal assistants.

Employing a personal assistant means you can have greater choice and control in how and when your care is provided and ensure that it meets your individual needs and wishes. Because we are all individual.

Our personal assistants can carry out a range of tasks to support you in living the best quality of life and remaining in your own home.

This might include:

Getting a haircut? Collecting a pension? Attending an appointment? Nipping to the post office? These are just some of the things we can support you with. Whether it’s taking care of the shopping for you, as well as putting the food away in your cupboards or coming along with you on shopping trips to support – together, we’ll work out what’s best for you.

This may include tasks that are personal to you as part of your regular routine.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner and those peckish times in-between. We can prep meals and snacks for you and assist as much as is needed. We even offer a Meals on Wheels service. But, if you fancy yourself a bit of a whizz in the kitchen and you need a bit of support to whip up your favourite tea, we’re here to lend a hand. Like we always say, we’re here to support you to live the life you choose.

We know that both physical and mental ill-health can make household chores difficult. That’s why we’re happy to help with laundry, cleaning and any other domestic needs while we support you.

Whether football is your thing, you’re film buff or you just fancy some fresh air in the park – we’re here to support you as much as we can to do the things you love.

You may be looking for employment or volunteering opportunities. We can help with that. Be it help into or sustaining employment or gaining experience and skills within the local community.

Life and circumstances can suddenly change meaning that you need home care at the drop of a hat. Or it could be that your family or carer support need some respite. We're here to offer that additional support.

Think PASS is right for you? Call us on 01472 472105 and we’ll be happy to talk it through.

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